In this video we will learn jsp directives in detail with complete explanation . what is directive tags and how to use jsp directive tags. Directive tags is of Three types: Page directive Include directive taglib directive In this video we cover only tow of them Page and include directive with practical . Jsp directives | Directive tags in Jsp | hindi | Servlet #30 After this video you will use page and include directive in your project. Queries Solved: what is directives in jsp? types of jsp tags? types of jsp directives? page directive include directive taglib directive what is page directive ? how to use page directive? what is include directive? how to use include directive? how to include other page to current page in jsp? Learn Python in One Video in HIndi : Learn Core Java Basics : Learn Servlet in Hindi : Learn JDBC Porgramming : Learn c,java,python,kotlin basics : TechSoft INDIA official website : Durgesh Tiwari Website :