Learn javascript in one video: __________________________________ Introduction and Overview of javascript: Brendan Eich 1995 in Netscape Javascript ek aisi language hai jise har web developer ko ani chahie. Jab starting mein javascript ayi to sirf webbrowers ke thi ye sirf dynamic content ko insert karne ke thi website mein fir jaise jaise technologies evolve hoti gyi javascript browers tak simit nhi rhi ..aur node.js launch hote hi javascript servers and bhi bahut jagah use honi lagi hai. isilie ham javascript ko client side programming language nhi kah sakte. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Applications of Javascript 1)for creating dynamic website 2)manupulating DOM at run time 3)for validation purpose and executing other code at client. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Installation VSCODE Browser Console where to write javasctipt code in webpage: In the page its self External script ___________________________________________________________________________________ Some usefull function in javascript using innerHtml write() alert() prompt() confirm() __________________________________________________________________________________ comments in javascript single line comment multiline comment ________________________________________________________________________________ variables in javascript declaring and using performing operations +,-,*,% keywords and itentifier Literals __________________________________________________________________________________ Datatype , number ,string , boolean,object ____________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ Control statement: if , else if , for loop , while , do while break continue __________________________________________ functions in javascript creating calling passing argument returning values ______________________________________ Some example of dynamic content manupulation _________________________________________