In this video we will learn how to use some important tags of jsp . Declarative Tag , Scriptlet Tag and Expressive tag. The JSP declaration tag is used to declare fields and methods. The code written inside the jsp declaration tag is placed outside the service() method of auto generated servlet. In JSP, java code can be written inside the jsp page using the scriptlet tag The code placed within JSP expression tag is written to the output stream of the response. So you need not write out.print() to write data. It is mainly used to print the values of variable or method. Important tags of jsp | Declarative | Scriptlet | Expressive tags | hindi | Servlet #29 Learn Python in One Video in HIndi : Learn Core Java Basics : Learn Servlet in Hindi : Learn JDBC Porgramming : Learn c,java,python,kotlin basics : TechSoft INDIA official website : Durgesh Tiwari Website :