n this video we are going to learn the complete basics of Collection Framework in java in one GO step by step. Telegram Link for Doubt: https://t.me/learncodewithdurgesh Topic Covered 00:00 Introduction to video 03:28 What is Collection? 09:13 What is Framework? 11:09 What is Collection Framework in Java? 16:56 Collection Hierarchy, Complete Classes, and Interfaces Explanation 39:34 Map Hierarchy 45:00 Lets Code.... Starting practical 46:22 Creating New Java Project 50:00 All practical steps by step with explanation topic covered in Practical TypeSafe Collection UnType Safe Collection How to create collection [TypeSafe and Untype Safe] How to add objects to collection how to remove objects from collection how to perform different types of operation on collection such as size, isempty , contain etc.. Traversing Collection Traversing using For Each Loop Traversing using Iterator Traversing using ListIterator Traversing using Enumeration Traversing Using forEach method from java 8 Coding example of TreeSet and Sorting Elements in one go Coding example of Map How to add key-value pair in Map how to Traverse Map